2023 December FIDE Classic Results

Tournament info can be found here: 2023 December FIDE Classic

The official results of the tournament have been posted here:

The prize fund, based on 100 players, was adjusted to 84% of the advertised prize fun because only 84 players entered the tournament. The prizes below reflect the adjusted prize fund amounts, rounded up to the nearest $5 increment.

The prize winners were:

Open Section:
1st Place: GM Ehsan Ghaemmaghami ($760)
2nd Place: FM Pedram Atoufi ($380)
3rd Place: Aayansh Guntaka ($190)
Top U2200 (Tie): Roshan Sethuraman ($25)
Top U2200 (Tie): Roman Mauskopf ($25)
Top U2200 (Tie): Evan Yin ($25)
Top U2200 (Tie): Amudan Mangudi ($25)
Top U2200 (Tie): Siddharth Singh ($25)

While Aayansh Guntaka also qualified as the clear winner of the Top U2200 prize, per USCF rules, players are eligible to receive only one sole-place cash prize. Accordingly, he was awarded the larger prize available to him, sole 3rd place, leaving the Top U2200 prize to be split among players below him in the results.

U2000 Section:
1st Place: Abdullah Younis ($510)
2nd Place (Tie): Christopher Cole ($150)
2nd Place (Tie): Jon Yang ($150)
2nd Place (Tie): Austin Wilson ($150)

Austin Wilson also won the Top U1600 prize which, per USCF rules, was pooled with the 2nd, & 3rd place prizes and split among the players tied for 2nd place.

U1400 Section:
1st Place: Vaisali Garnepudi ($205)
2nd Place: Shaun Shipman ($105)
3rd Place (Tie): Austin Nickel ($35)
3rd Place (Tie): Mack Pokorny ($35)
3rd Place (Tie): Carter Bejar ($35)
Tup U1000: Sam Johnson ($55)

U800 Section:
1st Place: Dhruv Venuturumilli (1st Place Trophy)
2nd Place: James Baran (2nd Place Trophy)
3rd Place: Mathew Melton (3rd Place Trophy)
Top Under 500: Vivia Powers (Top U500 Trophy)

FIDE Ratings:
Five players completed the requirements to earn an official FIDE Rating: Randy Ho, Aishwarya Ganapathy, Victor Powers, Rishin Jehin, and Aubri Wilson. Their ratings will be published in the January FIDE Ratings List.

Nine other players, by playing one or more FIDE-rated players and scoring at least 1/2 point in those games, initiated their FIDE ratings calculations. This means that all they need to do now is play from one to four more games against FIDE-rated players within the next 24 months to earn their official FIDE rating.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and those who made progress on obtaining a FIDE rating.