The following house rules apply to all Banner Chess tournaments:

Equipment: Banner Chess will provide boards, sets, AND clocks for all players. Players MUST use the
equipment provided. Players may NOT substitute their own equipment even if your opponent agrees.

Scoresheets: As a matter of practice, in FIDE-rated sections BOTH players must use the scoresheets provided
and both players must turn in a legibile scoresheet signed by BOTH players and with the result clearly indicated.
Players in the non-FIDE-rated sections may use their own scoresheets or scorebooks if they choose and are
not required to turn in a copy of the game score.

Eating and Drinking at the Board: Eating at the board during the game is strictly prohibited, even
if your opponent says it’s ok. Drinking at the board is allowed as long as you are not loud or distracting when
doing so.

Electronic Devices: Please see our electronic device policy which can be found here: Electronic Device Policy

Default Time: Players are allowed a thirty minute default time to start their game. If a player has
not appeared at the board and made their first move by thirty minutes after the start of a round, he will be
forfeited for that round and may be removed from the tournament unless a satisfactory explanation is provided.

Withdrawals: Players who withdraw from a tournament once it starts are not eligible for prizes nor refunds.
A forfeit in the last round is treated as a withdrawal.

Spectators: Spectators are NOT allowed in the playing room while any game is still in progress.