2023 Arizona Spring Training Classic Results

Tournament info can be found here: 2023 Arizona Spring Training Classic

The official results of the tournament have been posted here:
US Chess MSA – Cross Table for 2023 ARIZONA SPRING TRAINING CLASSIC (Event 202302268022)

The prize winners were:
Open Section:
Tied for 1st-3rd: FM  Sandeep Sethuraman ($467.25)
Tied for 1st-3rd: NM Steve Wongso ($467.25)
Tied for 1st-3rd: FM Pedram Atoufi ($467.25)

Top Under 2200: WCM Kiana Arab ($89)

U2000 Section:
1st Place: Sakthi L Sivasamy ($445)
2nd Place: Wayne Ballantyne ($222.50)
Tied for 3rd Place: Aaradhya Panda ($27.82)
Tied for 3rd Place: Ryan K Blackman ($27.82)
Tied for 3rd Place: Tyler Woodson ($27.82)
Tied for 3rd Place: Lyle Engle ($27.82)

Tied for Top Under 1600: Sreshtha Janapareddy ($8.90)
Tied for Top Under 1600: Sharvesh Arul ($8.90)
Tied for Top Under 1600: Rushil Atreya ($8.90)
Tied for Top Under 1600: Saurav Skanda ($8.90)
Tied for Top Under 1600: Chimal Carcia ($8.90)

U1400 Section:
1st Place: Amogh Deshpande (Trophy + 12 month diamond membership to Chess.com)
2nd Place: Osman Werner (Trophy + 6 month diamond membership to Chess.com)
3rd Place: Jonathan Adachi (Trophy + 3 month diamond membership to Chess.com)

Three players completed the requirements to earn an official FIDE Rating: Ethan Tang, Gunner Martineau, and Jake Senczakowicz-Gibo. Their ratings will be included in the March FIDE Ratings List.

Twelve other players, by playing one or more FIDE-rated players and scoring at least 1/2 point in those games. initiated their FIDE ratings. This means that all they need to do now is play from one to four more games against FIDE-rated players within the next 24 months to earn their official FIDE rating. I have communicated their status to each player in a separate email.